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OSFR is dismayed and disappointed that the US Army Corps of Engineers  (ACOE) has gone forward with the issuance of a 404 permit for the Sabal Trail gas transmission pipeline, given the vast testimony of so many citizens against it.
Organizations and citizens provided evidence that the studies of potential harm were inadequate and were essentially prepared by Sabal Trail consultants and rubber stamped by the Federal Energy Regulatory  Commission and the USACOE. These studies did not address the level of harm that this pipeline can cause our aquifer, rivers, springs and drinking water.
No consideration was given to the negative economic impact of this pipeline to ecotourism in Florida and there is no win for the citizens of the state,  only profits for the energy companies that will move compressed gas through our delicate and already overtaxed water ecosystem





  1. The pipeline will be carrying fracked continental gas. Gas that is transferred from the fracking well sites across the US via pipelines, trucks and trains to southern Alabama, then pressurized in a transmission underground pipeline that will be constructed through the The Floridan Aquifer, a drinking water supply covering at least 4 states. This pipeline intends to construct through the center of Florida, from Georgia border to Crystal River (Duke energy) and Martin County (FPL energy)

    1. Gonna start working up some “direct action” ideas I talked about with Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE folks last weekend at the Summit. Looks like we’re about to move into the civil disobedience stage of things with that DEVIL, SABAL TRAIL!

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