Union Appears Firm Against Mine

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Environmentalist Chris Bird Addresses Bradford Commissioners

The Union County commissioners met tonight, June 20, 2016, and did have the proposed mine on the agenda. Mr. Chris Bird, director of the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department, again presented his offer of assistance to the commissioners.

Mr. Bird, excellent speaker that he is, made an analogy of the wetlands which would be destroyed by the mine, to nature’s kidneys, which cleans the poisons from the water before re-entering the aquifer.  His analogy was that the restored wetlands would be analogous to kidneys on dialysis, perhaps functioning somewhat, but not the same as before.

The commissioners appeared to be on board and did agree by a vote to accept the offer by Alachua County and proceed with the plan to re-define the LDRs.

OSFR and others were present and prepared to speak against the insanity of the mine proposal, but due to an accidental procedural mistake, without malice, by the board, the opportunity was not presented.

At this point the board seems engaged in a process which will protect the Santa Fe, leading one to be optimistic that these county leaders will  follow the will of their constituents and stop the mine in their county.


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