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Union Co. Adopts Amendments to Land Development Regulations

union may21 18 board In: Union Co. Adopts Amendments to Land Development Regulations | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River
Union County Commissioners Adopt New Amendments

After the second go-around, the amendments to the Land Development Regulations were presented to the board by County Attorney Russ Wade.  Citizens Against Phosphate Mining and some others approved the basic revisions, but hoped for more time to review the changes.

Counselor Wade explained that the basic plan was sound and that more details could be added later.  A motion was made and passed unanimously to accept the amendments.

Union may21 18 crowd In: Union Co. Adopts Amendments to Land Development Regulations | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River
All seats were taken

A letter from HPS II’s legal representative, Hopping Green & Sams, to the Union commissioners was made public.  Here HPS strongly opposes the amendments, stating that they are not based on sound science, and that they believe that they are unlawful.

Several people expressed support for the commissioners, and many members of CAPM, OSFR and Sierra Club were present.

In the months to come, the new LDRs will be further specified in more detail and tailored to dedicated locations.  This is important to protect wetlands, wildlife, the aquifer and New River and its tributaries.  The Comprehensive Plan is written to accommodate these changes and that  is why it is important for public participation during this critical process.  Please continue to attend the commissioner’s meetings to keep abreast of the process and support the able Union County leaders.

OSFR applauds the Union Commissioners for their wisdom and action in adopting the amendments.

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  1. It is indeed refreshing to see a board of county commissioners that are concerned with their constituents to the point that they would engage in comprehensive plan changes with the citizens’ protection in mind. Kudos to the Union County commissioners for standing strong in the face of big money and environmental danger.

  2. I’m so very proud of the Union County Commission! Thank you OSFR for your tireless efforts to protect our rivers.

  3. So happy that we have many smart people working tirelessly and working together to stop this Phosphate Mine Threat! Onward, Water Warriors!

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