Protecting the Santa Fe River in North Florida

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Union Co. LDRs On Agenda Support the Commissioners

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15 NE 1st Street, Lake Butler, FL 32054 , FL at 5:45 Monday May 21, 2018

The mining LDRs will be on the agenda and voted on at this meeting.

Please come out and support the commissioners.  Just stand and say for the record that you support the new LDRs to prevent a phosphate coming to Union Co.

Our river needs protection.  Our aquifer is already in decline. Stop the mine.  Your help is needed.


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  1. I am not able to attend the May 21 meeting of the Union County, FL, Board of County Commissioners. I will be communicating with these commissioners to express my support of the new Land Development Regulations, which will be more protective against phosphate mining in Union County, Florida.

    1. Hi Lucy, there is one for accepting new mining permits. The purpose is to give time to write new Land Development Regulations which may be more protective against mining than the current ones. The meeting Monday is to vote on accepting the new regulations. Hope you can come out and support the commissioners. We expect them to vote in the new regs, but they are getting lots of flack from the mine proponents.

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