View HPS II Mining Application –Reminder Rally Friday, April 29, 5-7 Starke Courthouse

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Below is a link to the HPS II Mining Application.  This was filed on April 21, 2016.


Friday, April 29th 5 – 7 pm in Starke at the Bradford County Courthouse  945 N Temple Ave. .  Come one and ALL.  This staged “No Mining Rally” will help to let the passersby know that this mining operation is being decided at that county meeting room in the near future.


  1. Their County attorney is nothing more than an ambulance chaser. He works for them for a reason. He is a taxpayer paid for defense attorney for the arrogant,corrupt BoCC I’ve dealt with him many times and he represents the cancer he is part of and embraces.
    Ok…rant over.

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