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troubledwaters In: Viewing of "Troubled Waters" | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River

On Friday, April 14, 2017 there will be a showing of the documentary “Troubled Waters” at Santa Fe College,  3000 NW 83 St., Gainesville, Florida 32606.
The showing will be from 6:30 until 8 pm and is free to the public.  The documentary will be shown (48 minutes) followed by a panel discussion. Invited panelists include Lisa Rinaman, St Johns Riverkeeper, and OSFR advisors Jim Gross, Florida Defenders of the Environment and Dr. Robert Knight, Florida Springs Institute.
This event is being hosted by St. Johns Riverkeeper, Florida Defenders of the Environment, Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute, and USGBC Heart of Florida Chapter. This documentary video,Troubled Waters, was funded by St. Johns Riverkeeper and produced by Ray Hays and PRC Digital Media.

Public questions will be encouraged during the panel discussion, which will address steps that we can take to protect Florida’s waters.

In 1998, the St. Johns River was federally-designated an American Heritage River – the only river in Florida and one of only 14 rivers in the entire United States to receive this prestigious national recognition.

The Indian River Lagoon is North America’s most diverse estuary and provides an annual economic impact of $7.64 billion to the surrounding region.

Silver Springs is a National Natural Landmark, Florida’s first tourist attraction, and one of the largest artesian springs in the world. And, the list goes on.

Despite their importance, Florida’s waterways are suffering from significant pollution problems such as fertilizer runoff, poorly treated municipal and industrial wastewater, and failing septic tanks. Combined with the impacts from a rapidly growing population we have a potential recipe for disaster.

Consequently, we are standing at a critical crossroads, as the ecological future of Florida’s waters hangs in the balance. Will we continue with the status quo or choose a more sustainable path forward?

What is happening to the St. Johns River is emblematic of the water quality and supply challenges we are facing throughout Florida, highlighting the significant pollution problems that exist and the impending water crisis that we face.

As a result, Troubled Waters is a call to action for all of Florida’s rivers, lakes, springs, and aquifers.

We have an opportunity to forge a new, more protective and sustainable path. We simply cannot afford to continue to sacrifice our valuable water resources for the politics of the moment and the fortunes of a few.

Water is the lifeblood of Florida’s economy and essential to our health and quality of life, and it is up to us to determine its future.

Troubled Waters was produced by Ray Hays and PRC Digitial Media and funded by St. Johns Riverkeeper.  Hays is also the producer of the award-winning documentaries, The Green Monster: It Came From the River and Revenge of the River.

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