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Hello Everyone,

With the celebration of Independence Day here in the US…it is a sad time for Florida in the wake of laws that betray the environment and its citizens only to favor big business developers and future campaign dollars.
We called, we wrote, we visited and still somehow our concerns and expressed needs went unheard.  In the wake of SB 360 and now SB 2080 there will be more vigilance from people speaking for the environment.  Florida Hometown Democracy is fast becoming a beacon of hope amidst the elected and appointed officials using their offices for self serving interests to bulldoze, fill, fertilize and tap our water resources for futileness.
Vote Yes on Amendment “4 for Florida “:   Florida Hometown Democracy!
Give yourself a vote on growth.

people can obtain for Amendment 4 the endorsement of an organization(s) they belong to. The Form is located by clicking Get involved! at

My disappointment in Governor Crist is HUGE with no recovery in the near future.

Although Florida has growing concerns about water resources, I offer at the end of this trail of mail another more literal battleground in Michigan.  Please read CAI and F&WW mail and if you can even make a small donation, it will go far for those folks up there.
We, in the United States of America, are all in this together.  I will be participating in a call in with the some of the Riverkeepers in our area and throughout the USA this coming week to discuss Water as a Public Trust.  OSFR was asked to participate because of the bottled water extraction businesses in the state of Florida that are permitted to suck over 3.6 billion annually from our aquifers and municipalities.
Have a Terrific 4th of July,
Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
President of OSFR

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