Voters Turn Out Lights on Solar Amendment

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Probably all those who care even a little know by now that the rich and powerful energy companies were unable to fool the Florida voters, even though they tried really hard.  Following the rampant sleeze and negativity of this year’s elections, the power companies and their pitiful paid minions sat around the table thinking up dirty tricks to play in order to dupe the consumer and squeeze more money from him, while at the same time adding more stink, poison and pollutants to our planet.

Kudos and commendations to the voters who either saw through the false implications in the ballot, or otherwise made themselves aware of the situation.  Respect for our justices who approved the ballot wording, save Barbara Pariente, hit the bottom of the trash barrel.  It is truly difficult to find excuses for this unabashed deceit.

We also thank all the volunteers and hard workers who took the time to expose the trickery, carried signs, warned friends, wrote emails and blogs, and posted on FaceBook.  Your efforts made the victory possible and the power companies did not count on your passion and commitment.  They only thought Florida voters are stupid, but they found out they are not.

Voters beware:  the 2014 Amendment 1 fiasco should warn us that we should expect more efforts to undercut our inevitable shift to solar.  Millions of dollars are still on the table to be used against clean, sustainable energy.

Continue reading for portions of today’s article, or go to this link  in the Gainesville Sun  for the entire piece.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
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Voters turn out lights on solar amendment

By Jim Turner

The New Service of Florida

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Put the Right to Clean Water Amendment on the 2022 ballot


TALLAHASSEE — A controversial solar-energy ballot initiative fell short short of the 60 percent voter approval it needed Tuesday, concluding for now one of the most-expensive constitutional amendment campaigns in Florida history.

Opponents who argued the amendment would hinder the development of alternative energy in Florida celebrated the defeat of the measure, known as Amendment 1, as most counties continued posting results. As of 9:30 p.m., the amendment had received support of about 51 percent of voters —far below the 60 percent threshold, according to the state Division of Elections website.

“The failure of Amendment 1 is the clearest signal yet that Floridians want more access to clean solar energy,” said Aliki Moncrief, executive director, Florida Conservation Voters.

Consumers for Smart Solar, a utility-backed group that spearheaded the proposal, didn’t immediately comment.

After failing to collect the needed signatures to get on this year’s ballot, Floridians for Solar Choice is eyeing the 2018 election for its proposal.

“The millions of dollars in slick ad buys and glossy mailers did not win the day as opponents of Amendment 1 successfully harnessed social and earned media to educate Floridians about the true intent of this deceptive proposal,” Floridians for Solar Choice said in a news release Tuesday.


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