Wars Against Bottled Water

Public and Proud of it!
From a craggy coast in Maine to the Firestone city of Ohio,
Citizens hit the polls to defend the future of water
November 2008

Dear Supporter:

In this most historic election season, water activists across the country shared victories in the struggle to secure local, public control of our most precious resource, water. Join us in celebrating their hard-fought wins and support our efforts to ensure democratic control of water in cities and communities across the nation.

  In the beachside town of Wells, Maine, threatened by the expanding bottling operations of Nestle’s Poland Springs brand, towns folk voted in unprecedented numbers to halt Nestle’s water mining. The community voted for a 180 day moratorium on all water bottling activities allowing residents time to craft a comprehensive ordinance protecting local water resources.

Support for the ballot measure was headed up by Save Our Water, a citizen’s group comprised of residents served by the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells Water District (KKW). Save Our Water has joined the Take Back the Tap movement, working with activists from around the state to build a coalition who will ensure that protecting local control of water is a priority for communities throughout Maine.


  Send your congrats to the water warriors of Save Our Water!

 And check out the group’s new website http://soh2o.org

  People of the Firestone city joined in the victory to protect local control of their water. Residents of Akron, Ohio voted to reject a measure to privatize their city’s sewer system. Issue 8, a measure to lease the public sewer system to a for-profit private company for 99 years was defeated by 62 percent to 38 percent.

Citizens to Save our Sewers and Waters (Citizens SOS), a coalition composed of local labor, faith and community groups, worked tirelessly to educate the public about the dangers of privatizing a public water utility, demonstrated consistently in cities across the country and globally to lead to sharp rate increases, poor service, and bad maintenance. Citizens SOS galvanized support to place Issue 9 on the November ballot, a citizen’s initiative to ensure that the all future proposals by the City Council to privatize public utilities will be put before the public for a vote. Issue 9 passed by a 2-1 margin.

Send you congrats to the water warriors of Citizens SOS!

 In an election season of new beginnings, let their victories become the change that shapes the future of water in America.

 Congratulate these Water Champions in their fight for local, democratic control of water resources and services!

 Do your part to Take Back the Tap–buy a reusable stainless-steel canteen today.


  Amy Dowley
Take Back the Tap Campaign

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