Water Is a Side Issue


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On 6-11-14 Tom at Watery Foundation published the following article:

If you read this blog even sometimes, you have a very unusual degree of interest in water issues. For most people, water problems are incidental to almost everything else. It is not that they don’t “care” about water. They do, but in practice they care about other things more. They are “for” conservation, “for” environmental protection, etc., but not in a way that makes a difference:

“Yes, we must safeguard water resources but BOTTLED SPRING WATER IS HEALTHY.”

“Yes, we ought to require more efficient plumbing devices, but FREEDOM!”

“Yes, farmers could put less nutrients and pesticides on their property, but they are FARMERS and better people than you and me.”

“Yes, my big irrigated lawn is ridiculous but the house GOTTA FIT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

“Yes, we could reuse and recycle much more water but have you seen how big is my CABLE BILL?”

“Yes, rising seas are a big danger to coastal Florida but Hey, do you think the Miami Heat can win this year?  

In opinion polling, environmental issues are usually close to the bottom of public priorities. Water policy options, if they register at all, are usually locked to other issues that serve to make the big distinctions between political parties. It is a package deal.

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