Water is Life Camp

later is life campo\
 photo by John S. Quarterman,

On December 30, 2016 at 01:26PM the following article was published on OSFR’s Facebook Page:

Water is Life Camp, one of the camps setting up for the Mass Sit In to Protest the Sabal Trail Pipeline could use some supplies. If you can help bring potatoes, onions, eggs, AA and AAA batteries to the camp located at 846 NW 120th Trail Branford, Florida.

TODAY Friday, December 30th. 3-5PM Panagioti Tsolkas will lead a workshop on our rights as protestors, resistors and Water Protectors. He will explain and demonstrate what we must abide by if approached by police or sheriff officers and what we can question without breaking the law or our rights as citizens. Panagioti will also discuss Direct Action and what crosses the line between non-criminal and criminal offenses.

Saturday, December 31st. 3PM-5PM. Kat Eng will be sharing her experience as a camp organizer at Standing Rock. This event will take place at Water Is Life Camp. While there are activities scheduled for this time, Kat’s presentation will be informative and inspirational.

Read the original Our Santa Fe River post at http://www.facebook.com/pages/p/144139098944069.
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