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On August 24, 2014 at 03:51PM, Tom at Watery Foundation published the following article:

I try to avoid generic water sermonizing. For one thing, it doesn’t go over well. For another, most of the water texts delivered from the pulpit seem misguided anyway. Too many of them focus on moral purity rather than water effectiveness. An example is declaring that everybody gotta do their part, however small, to reach water heaven. The problem with this sermon is that it treats small and big water problems as if they were equivalent. We know they are not.

If you operated a citrus grove and had an irrigation sprinkler spraying onto a fallow field, you would of course put more efficiency effort into that component rather than other parts of the system. If your neighborhood has a person that irrigates flowers with overhead sprinklers in the middle of the day and another person that irrigates in the early morning with micro-jets, you would focus your educational effort on just one of them. If a golf course used 2 million gallons a day for the fairways and the putt-putt used 2,000 gallons a day for the restrooms, you would not say to both that “we all are in this together.” (Not unless you didn’t understand the difference between 2 million gallons and 2,000 gallons.)

Water management is not a daily test of individual moral character. It is a collective social tool to maximize the benefits of sustaining water resources. Solving water problems may involve action from many parties but, if the problem mostly is created by a few, we will want to focus attention on them.

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