Water/Ways Speaker Series Begins



The Water/Ways speaker series started last night, Aug. 2, 2016, with the first presentation of “Florida’s Fossil Treasures” by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.

The presentation was designed for those with little or no knowledge of fossils, and gave a brief overview of Florida and the fossils from the Cenozoic epochs, and how water has been an indispensable element in their formation and discovery.  Florida is outstanding in its fossil record and provides a window into our past like no other state in our country.  The exhibit in the museum contains at least one fossil from each of the six epochs, and all are from or can be found in North Florida rivers, most from the Santa Fe.

Identifying some of Florida’s fossil treasure

Additionally, our immediate region of the Santa Fe and Ichetucknee Rivers has produced some of the most outstanding, unique and valuable examples of specific fossils that exist.

Your historian with Kristina Young, Program Director of the Water/Ways speaker series

Among the enthusiastic audience were some from  Jacksonville, renowned amateur fossil discoverer Barbara Fite and pioneer river diver Paul Lien, both of Tampa, and Karen Chadwick of Interlochen, perhaps the best fossil preparator in the state.

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