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Pausing only one short day,  the Water/Ways series continued this evening, August 3, 2016, with the presentation by Stacie Greco, Water Conservation Coordinator for the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department.

Her topic was ways to conserve water, and the audience soon found there are many ways, and a need also.  Comparisons of average water use per person makes us look wasteful and bad:  the number in gallons per day:  Mozambique 2;  Germany 72; Canada 114;  USA 150; and Florida  176.

Helping us understand a little better the reason we use so much more water in Florida than elsewhere is the fact that the average price Floridians pay for water is about one cent for five gallons.

Thinking about this for a bit, this confirms our previous conviction that the only solution to our increasing water problems in Florida caused by over-consumption is for the consumer to pay for what he uses.  This will be for all users, whether it be domestic, public, agriculture or whatever.  All wells will be monitored.

We believe this day will come, and with it a difficult period of political problems that will have to be worked out.  New adjustments and attitudes will be required, but will, by necessity, take place.

Greco talk Staciekristina
Stacie with Kristina Young, who put the series together and made it work

Stacie continued her informative talk and outlined many ways, both outdoors and inside the household, where water can be saved using extremely simple and inexpensive procedures.

Next up:  Tom Morris  “Troglobytes, the Animals Below,”  on August 9.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-



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