Watery Foundation Visits OSFR, IA in High Springs

Swihart-talk panoramawork
Tom has everyone’s attention


Swiharttalk laughwork
Tom shares a moment of mirth with Merrillee

Watery Foundation writer Tom Swihart became the second episode of Water Voices, the popular new lecture series sponsored by OSFR and the Ichetucknee Alliance.  On Monday night, appropriately during a watery period in the Woman’s Club in High Springs, Tom entertained a full house with his history, metaphors, humor and information.

Continuing his metaphorical history of Henry Studly, piano repairman of the past, Tom outlined the various tools in Florida’s toolbox for coping with her watery situation and problems.   Those who follow our post will know that Mr. Studly, or rather Mr. Studly’s  toolbox (elaborate work of art that it is), has appeared in more than one of Tom’s watery posts.

In addition to Florida’s past experience with water and water management, Tom touched on the new tools which may be needed to address the new situations which arise, requiring the proper tool for the proper job.

Some of these new situations may be those such as climate change and sea level rise, invasive species, possible water fees (you mean we have to pay for water?)

After the lecture was finished, an energetic and enthusiastic question and answer session was expertly moderated by Cathy Street.  Tom proved himself to be a delightful gentleman possessing wit, humor, insight and patience, answering each and every one of the many questions, sometimes by saying: “I think you know the answer already.”

Thanks are due all those who worked hard to make the evening a success, including Merrillee  Malwitz-Jipson, Lu Merritt, Cathy Street, Jayne Orr, Doug Jipson who video-taped the entire episode, and last but not least Mr. Tom Swihart, who traveled far on a dark and rainy night.

Swihart talkgroup
Cathy Street, John Jopling, Tom Swihart, Jayne Orr and Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson


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