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Weyerhaeuser/Plum Creek Gives Away $25,500

Careless environmental practices garner complaints and challenges against Weyerhaeuser Timber company

The Weyerhaeuser company has spread money around the community by donating to schools and charities.  There was recently an intense controversy in the Gainesville/Lake City area when Plum Creek, now Weyerhaeuser, attempted to alter the landscape by developing huge tracts, under the guise of growth and progress.  After much time and conflict, the Alachua County authorities voted to stand fast in their resistance, choosing to prevent severe impact on an already fragile environment.

Donating to schools and charities is a good thing, but in this case the motive of Weyerhaeuser comes into question because of their designs on our area.  This company’s logging practices have been challenged as destructive by Sierra Club and other environmentalists, as seen in the Seattle Times.  and the Washington Forest Law Center.

This was a slide-prone drainage. But a Weyerhaeuser geologist found “no potentially unstable areas” in the area to be harvested and the state approved the logging.(Seattle Times)


Those who follow our posts will recognize this Sabal Trail gobbledygook immediately.

Go to this link to see the article in the Lake City Reporter.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-


Lake City organizations receive $25,500 in Weyerhaeuser Foundation grants

From staff reports

The Foundation for Florida Gateway College, Catholic Charities Bureau and Belmont Academy Charter School, all located in Lake City, were three of 41 North Florida organizations which were awarded grants by Weyerhaeuser Foundation’s Giving Fund. These grants will help fund programs at each other the local organizations.

Belmont Academy Charter School, a public charter school for grades Pre-K through 12, is using the funds to support their STEM Enrichment Project. The STEM Enrichment Project teaches science, technology, engineering and mathematics using robotics through in-class and after school enrichment courses to students in sixth and seventh grade.


LIMIT THE USE of fertilizers and pesticides in your environment. Remember that because of our Karst Topography, chemicals used on your lawn and garden can drain quickly into our aquifer and then flow back up into our springs and rivers. Click here for more ideas.

The Foundation for Florida Gateway College’s grant will help expand their Olustee Public Safety Campus, which is used to train law enforcement personnel, firefighters, EMT/ Paramedics and corrections officers.

Catholic Charities Bureau’s grant will fund their Feed-A-Family Mobile Outreach program which provides fresh fruit, frozen meats and canned goods to Lake City families in need.

“Weyerhaeuser has a legacy of investing in the communities we work in, recognizing that a sustainable community starts with a quality of life,” said Rose Fagler, manager of economic development for Weyerhaeuser in Florida. “These grant recipients are unique and serve different needs, yet all are working to provide a better quality of life for the people they serve. We value these organizations because they are helping our community, residents and neighbors thrive.”



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  1. Unlike Gainesville who has an educated population better equiped to see through this and put up a fight, Lake City is an easy target and will roll rightover and take it. I doubt there’s much anyone can do to stop them here.

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