What Happens in Alachua Co. DOES NOT Stay in Alachua Co.

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Alachua County regulations regarding irrigation have now been revised to allow a distinction between unincorporated parts of the county and cities and municipalities.   There has been considerable disagreement among the various groups, and the revisions are an attempt to reach a plan with which all can work.

April Warren has written an article in the Gainesville Sun on Sept. 23, 2015 which outlines this on-going saga, which can be read at this link.

 Stacie Greco, with the county’s Environmental Protection Department has said reclaimed water is nutrient-rich by its nature, and therefore not good for the environment. She’s also said most large lot owners already avoid irrigating their entire plot, instead, watering specific areas with flower or agricultural gardens, areas that are exempt under the new rules.

Alachua Counties commissioners and especially Stacie Greco of  the county’s Environmental Protection Department are very water-conscious and work hard to conserve this dwindling resource.

It may be of interest to our readership that Alachua County is extremely pertinent to the Santa Fe River and some of its major springs.  Some may not be aware that the Floridan aquifer, which generally runs from north to south,  runs from south to north in much of Alachua County.  This what happens south of the river in that area will indeed affect our river directly.  So we are indebted to Stacie Greco and the enlightened commissioners in our neighboring county for working to protect  OUR  SANTA  FE RIVER.


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