World Water Forum in Turkey

Dear Supporter,

I wanted to personally thank you for objecting to the actions by U.S. representatives at the World Water Forum in Turkey, which removed language declaring water as a human right and public good from the final ministerial document.

We’ve flooded Congress with more than 17,000 messages already. Help us get to 50,000!

If you haven’t already, please take a minute now to contact your member of Congress about the actions of these U.S. representatives and make sure to forward this to your friends.

These U.S. representatives in Turkey are still trying to make water part of the corporate profit margin and it’s important that you continue shining a light on what is happening in Turkey.

Honor the water that is essential to our lives and communities by contacting your elected officials.

The World Water Forum ends on Sunday, March 22 — on World Water Day. Our international activists are doing their best here in Turkey. We need every voice. More details soon…

Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch

P.S. Please support World Water Day events in your community.  Check out the Food & Water Watch calendar to find out how you too can celebrate our precious resource.

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