Write to SRWDM to Request Denial of Lily Withdrawal Permit

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Please sign this letter and forward to your friends.

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
president, Our Santa Fe River
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: 8/21/2009 1:12:17 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: The Santa Fe River needs your help again…

Don’t Let a Bottler Pump Water Out of the Santa Fe River

August 2009

Dear Central Florida Water Activist,

Preserve the Santa Fe River!

Guarantee that the water of the Santa Fe River is not mined for a new bottling facility!  Last year, your letters helped stop a bottling facility that would have endangered the Santa Fe River’s sensitive ecosystem and spoiled its natural attributes.

Now, two businessmen in Lily Springs — located near High Springs, FL — want to extract up to a million gallons of water a day from the river, transfer the water on tanker trucks, and bottle it nearby.

Stop this water bottler from touching a drop of water by writing a letter to officials demanding the permit be denied.

Recently, Suwanee River Water Management District (SRWMD) officials revoked a similar permit for a $50 million bottling facility after hundreds of people inundated officials with letters opposing the facility.

Flood the mailbox of David Still, the executive director of SRWMD, and ensure this new permit request also gets sunk.

At a time when Florida officials have warned of decreasing water supplies around the state, water bottlers should not be allowed to seize precious water in order to make a profit.

Write a letter today and help preserve the Santa Fe River.


Jorge Aguilar
Water Organizer
Food & Water Watch

Food & Water Watch is a nonprofit consumer organization that works to ensure clean water and safe food. We challenge the corporate control and abuse of our food and water resources by empowering people to take action and by transforming the public consciousness about what we eat and drink.


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