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    To protect the aquifer, springs, and rivers within the watershed of the Santa Fe River.

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    We must hold our ear close and listen. We must tell the others that cannot hear her voice.

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    Help us make sure that Our River is protected for future generations.

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Our Santa Fe River

Protecting the Santa Fe River through:



If you do nothing, the mine will come and we may lose our river. – Jim Tatum, OSFR Historian

Be Informed - Watch this informative video, then. . . Get Involved - Share it with friends.

Wise Water Words

Water Wisdom for your Home

Here's our third installment in our new series of Wise Water Words about how we can all help our river.

There are many ways to conserve water in your home, and most won’t cost you much in time or money—and think of the reward!

Do you know what is the biggest water user in your home?

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Current News

Common Sense Fights Bad Thinking

Jackson County wants to inject toxic leachate into the ground as a cheap and easy disposal.  They claim it is “safe, reliable, and efficient disposal of non-hazardous landfill leachate waste,” but that is un-proven and […]

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Fracking the Everglades

  The Florida Keys Free Press has the following article regarding fracking.  We should encourage Rep.  Raschein to protect the area from fracking. Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum. -A river is like a life: once […]

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Lake Bans Fertilizing In Summertime

Good news from Lake County on Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017, as the commissioners had the foresight to limit the use of urban fertilizers.  This was in spite of earlier misinformation given by University of Florida […]

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Every Membership Adds Volume to Our Voice

Join Us for These Upcoming Events

5:30 pm PUBLIC WORKSHOPS FOR GILCHRIST B... @ Old School Community Center, Santa Fe Room,
PUBLIC WORKSHOPS FOR GILCHRIST B... @ Old School Community Center, Santa Fe Room,
Nov 28 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
WE WANT YOU TO HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE DIRECTION OF THE PARK! Future recreational opportunities at this park are being explored and the Florida Park Service wants your help in discovering the potential at Gilchrist[...]

Your Donation Makes a Difference!

Springs Eternal Project - Springs Ambassadors Camp

When you donate to Our Santa Fe River, you are supporting Our Education, Advocacy and Stewardship Projects directly or indirectly. During this past year OSFR has supported the following organizations:

Florida Defenders of the Environment - for their work with water issues

Florida Springs Council - for their work with Tallahassee and the Water Bill

Fort White Schools Partnership Program - to help underwrite their students environmental education

Springs Eternal Project - for a scholarship for one child to attend their Springs Ambassadors Camp

Gulf Restoration Network - underwriting for their venue to hold the "Grassroots Summit Against the Sabal Trail Pipeline

I want to make a difference!

2017 RiverFest Sponsors Make a BIG Difference

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