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EDU-tie-dyeOur Santa Fe River Inc. (OSFR) is a Florida non-profit organization formed by a group of concerned citizens to research, collect, and distribute information pertaining to the quality of the waters, aquifer, and lands immediately adjacent to the Santa Fe River in North Central Florida.

Our mission is to make new and relevant information available to the people affected by or interested in the volume and quality of the waters and to be a collective for the protection of the waters, aquifer, and lands of the Santa Fe River.

Education regarding ground water use in environmentally sensitive and agricultural areas along the waterways and including the springs of Florida is achieved through our presentations in public and private gatherings, in schools and universities and by our participation in public dialogue, study groups and task force.   We also write guest editorials on GatewayMeeting-EDUthis subject which have appeared in the Gainesville Sun and other north Florida newspapers.

OSFR has presented crucial water information to over 2,000 people, young and old, at our Florida Springs Tie Dye sessions, in local schools, libraries, parks and river locations.

These activities are core to the formation of new ideas pertinent to these issues and the establishment of adequate EDU-speakingenvironmental policies.

We hope you’ll join us in our efforts to ensure that our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can enjoy the same kind of river experiences we enjoy today.

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