EPA Clarifies New Water Rules


The clarifications of the new EPA rules have met with mixed reactions as could be expected.  The new rules were forthcoming after Supreme Court decisions in 2001 and 2006 left roughly 60 per cent of the country’s streams and many millions of acres of wetlands without  clear protections.

The EPA states clearly that the new rule:
“Does not create any new permitting requirements and maintains all previous exemptions and exclusions.” The release can be seen here en its entirety.  

Generally environmentalists welcomed the rules, saying that they now clarify the protections in place for our water resources.  Other groups, such as the H2O Coalition, representing industrial use of water, have  sent out emails  saying the rules will harm Florida’s ecosystem.  The rules must yet  pass Congress t0 become law.

Today’s Des Moines Register has an article giving more details which can be see at this link.

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