Final Phase of Nitrates Study Fast Approaching



The Aquifer Watch crew at number 1 well on Riverland Court

In May the second and final testing of the wells for nitrates in the area immediately around Poe Springs will occur.  Dr. Rick Copeland of Aquifer Watch recently sent out the letter of instructions to the particpants for the testing on May 16 or May 17.

During the first phase of the project, Our Santa Fe River hosted a workshop at headquarters at Rum 138 shortly before the first test took place.

In his letter, Dr. Copeland sent the following information:


This is Rick Copeland of AquiferWatch. I want to give you an update on the status of the Santa Fe basin groundwater study for nitrate.  Each of you have volunteered your services and agreed to obtain a groundwater sample from you well during May of this year.  In addition, many of you obtained a sample last September.

For a quick review, Alachua County Environmental Protection Department (ACEPD) obtained a grant from the State of Florida to obtain groundwater samples from wells and springs in the Santa Fe basin and have them chemically analyzed.  The majority of the funds are reserved for the chemical analyses of the samples.  Florida LAKEWATCH of the University of Florida agreed to conduct the chemical analyses using their laboratory.  Current Problems Inc. and AquiferWatch agreed to assist in finding volunteers who would agree to sample their own wells.  Finally, AquiferWatch agreed to coordinate volunteer sample collection.

I have recently been informed that the May sampling dates have now been set.   The dates are Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17.  I realize that not all of you will be available to obtain a water sample on those dates.  Therefore, please let me know one way other if you can obtain gronndwater samples from your well on one of those  two dates.

If you are available, I am asking you to obtain the sample, place it on ice, and it to one of three locations.  The locations are:

Extreme Exposure Dive Shop
25 S. Main Street, High Springs

Karst Environmental Services
5779 NE. County Road 340, High Springs

Rum 138 (Canoe and Kayak Rental Services)
2070 SW county Road 138, Ft. White

In the attachment you will find directions as to how to obtain a water sample from your well.  Please read the directions.  On either May 16 or May 17, obtain a sample from your well and drive to one of the three drop-off location.  At each location, there will be a sign beside two coolers.  Simply place your sample into one of the coolers.  That is all there is to it.

An AquiferWatch representative has recently visited your well.  For this reason, in order to assist you further, AquiferWatch will

mpling kit to you on Friday, May 15.

Each well has been assigned a FLUWID (Florida unique well ID) number.  If you do not have a FLUWID sticker attached to your well and are willing to attach one to your well let me know.  I will make sure one is delivered to you on May 15.

Each sampling kit will include two sample bottles, a set of directions, a field sheet, and a small baggie.  Be sure to fill out the field sheet with as much information as possible, along with the requested information on the sample bottles.  When water samples

deliver the safor the two sample bottles have been obtained, place the sample (bottles), and the smaller baggie (containing the field sheet) into the large baggie.  Place the large baggie on ice and deliver the sample to one of the three locations mentioned above.

The laboratory results will be sent to you as soon as possible after the samples have been analyzed.  A written copy of the final report will also be sent d to you after it has been prepared by ACEPD; sometime this summer.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to either send me an email of give me a call.  Thank you for assisting in the project,

Rick Copeland, P.G. Ph.D.
Director – AquiferWatch
P.O. Box 118
Tallahassee, FL.  32311
(c) 850-559-7199

Well Workshop at OSFR Headquarters


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