Lafayette BOCC Meeting Day Changed




To all our readers, the Lafayette Co. commissioners will not meet on Tues. Sept. 8, but instead on Monday, Sept. 14, at 9 am, in the county court house pictured above in Mayo, FL.

The resolution to ban fracking is on the agenda and we hope for a good turnout to support this ban.

OSFR has had a tremendous run of luck lately, beginning with the City of Monticello, followed by Jefferson County, followed by St Johns and Martin counties, all in the past few days.

Maybe not so much luck as hard work, but mainly because intelligent people are learning what fracking entails, and that it is not worth the end product.  Also, people are realizing that this is not just a theoretical threat, but a real one for our aquifer, from which we all drink.

Come out on Monday, Sept. 14 and help us keep moving onward.

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