Movie “Tapped” about Bottled Water

Movie: Tapped

I just saw the new documentary about bottled water at the Maine International Film Festival by Atlas Films called TAPPED. It is by the same producers who created the film “Who Killed the Electric Car.”  It is powerful and makes a convincing case against the absurdity of buying bottled water. I think it will be a wonderful tool to use to inoculate communities who might be considering selling water to Nestle, that would be any town with groundwater under it! Much of the film is about the Fryeburg battle with Nestle. WATCH THE TRAILER:  (NOTE:  you must click on “Tapped Trailer” to view the video).

The producers Stephanie Soetchig and Sarah Olson are very accessible and are willing to allow screenings of the film in about 6 weeks time frame, as they are busy with film festivals between now and then. To arrange a screening contact Sarah at [email protected]

There will be a fee involved but it is reasonable since you can pass the hat or charge a small fee.

If SAVE OUR WATER can help you in anyway please let us know. Check out our web site and feel free to download any research material or articles to help build your

In solidarity,
Jamilla El-Shafei, organizer
Save Our Water

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