PR0JECT PORTAL — Opportunity for Funds–SHORT DEADLINE!


Notice to stakeholders, municipalities, engineering companies and landholders

SRWMD and State of Florida is asking for water improvement projects.

Please consider making application for a project here on the SRWMD to protect our water quality and quantity in our springs and rivers.  Please hurry, deadline is April 29, 2016.

You can also access this project funding source through this link, see the side bar and find the words: Project Portal.

This is a new water program resulting from the water bill and yearly $50 million funding arm to restore springs. It is also tied to funding from the BP funds due to the damage from their oil spill to Florida.  District is looking for July 1st dispersement from the Legislature for the funding of projects.

One catch, there is only until Friday, April 29  to submit, for vote in front of SRWMD Board on May 12th.  BUT, submission has been made user friendly and easy, if you have an idea with support materials, of any sort.

The district is also asking for proposals that have some sort of matching scenario (financial or other).  And that a project has within it a “control of asset”, for instance, who owns the land.

Please contact Leslie Ames, 386-462-1001, district staffer for more info.

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