Sabal Trail Crosses Highways 49 and Georgia 133

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These shots were taken Saturday am  Nov.12, 2016  on Hwy 49 south of Live Oak.  Here Sabal Trail is obstructing traffic to allow the equipment to transport a short section pipe across the highway.  A short special section is used under the road.

The contractor for this spread is Price Gregory, based in Houston.   Of the seven spreads or segments, Price Gregory is contracted for three.  The others are MPG Pipeline of New Iberia, Louisiana, Troy Construction of Houston, and Rockford Pipeline Corporation, of Dallas.  This segment ends near Ocala.



Here is a wider view with the pipe now across the road.  The huge auger can be seen on the truck to the right.



To cross the highway with the heavy steam shovel, first thick timbers are laid on the asphalt, and then discarded truck tires are put on top of the timbers.  The tracks of the machine run on top of the tires.  This protects the road from damage.


East of Highway 49 they appear ready to excavate the trench.



This section is where the corridor crosses Georgia Highway 133, north of Quitman.  This view faces east.  They have not yet bored under the highway.



This is the view northwest, across the highway.  The pipe sections are steel and are 80 feet in length.   The tires in the foreground will be used to drive on when heavy equipment must cross the road.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-




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