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Atlantic Sunrise: Williams Fracking Pipeline Through Sabal Trail To LNG Export in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, And Elsewhere

On August 19, 2014 at 09:03AM, jsq at WWALS Watershed Coalition published the following article:

Fracked methane would come from Pennsylvania across our Withlacoochee River twice
to LNG export in Florida, and many other rivers and aquifers would have the same problem
throughout North America, as would domestic natural gas users as LNG export drives prices up, and local and state taxpayers having to clean up after insufficiently-insured pipeline companies.
All the named coastal arrows on this map from Williams’ Atlantic
Sunrise project in Pennsylvania branch off from Williams Transco to
LNG export operations:


Cove Point
, Maryland,

Elba Island
, Georgia,
and the Spectra-FPL Sabal Trail pipeline across Alabama,
Georgia, and Florida to

3 already-approved LNG export operations
(and another one
currently applying).
Williams and Spectra are also coordinating
for LNG export from Oregon,
from British Columbia,
and from Nova Scotia,
and look out Massachusetts.
The opposition also needs to coordinate continent-wide.

Housley Carr spelled out the Sabal Trail connection in Oil & Gas Financial Journal 17 january 1014,

while never mentioning LNG export even though that map he included
screams LNG export:

Spectra Energy and NextEra Energy’s planned Sabal Trail natural gas
pipeline from near Transco Station 85 in southwestern Alabama to
near Orlando in central Florida will do more than provide additional
gas-delivery capacity to Florida and the welcomed redundancy of a
third pipeline to the Sunshine State. The big news is that Williams’
Atlantic Sunrise project by July 2017 will enable large volumes of
Marcellus-sourced gas to be shipped south (backwards!) along the
Transco pipeline all the way to Station 85. That (and Sabal Trail)
will give Marcellus producers something unthinkable until now:
access to major gas users as far south as Miami. Today we lay out
the basics of what is being planned.

More details in
Williams Atlantic Sunrise to feed fracked methane to Sabal Trail: Videos of Scoping Meetings

You can come see the proposed Sabal Trail fracked methane export route
on the Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers
on the monthly WWALS Watershed Coalition outing,

Sunday 21 September 2014


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