“Floridians For Solar Choice” the amendment Good for Florida


An article in the Gainesville Sun on Sunday, Nov. 1 2015 by Al Simpler points out the benefits of solar, as so many people already know.  But utility companies are trying to confuse voters by touting their self-serving propaganda .

Following are  excerpts from “Solar Choice amendment creates no mandates, subsidies or taxes,” Simpler’s article which can be seen in its entirety here:

I was shocked reading the Oct. 25 column by former state Rep. Jim Kallinger regarding the Solar Choice amendment — recently approved by the Florida Supreme Court — proposed by Floridians for Solar Choice. Kallinger’s lack of understanding is stunning and, at worst, is a purposeful misrepresentation of the ballot initiative.

Kallinger’s argument that the amendment would cause all Floridians to pay a tax is an outright lie. There is no provision in the Solar Choice amendment that encourages a charge of any kind. To the contrary, monopoly power companies — in Florida and around the country — are working to arbitrarily impose such fees to punish solar customers.

Kalllinger is funded by the monopoly utilities that do not want the citizens of Florida to be able to buy solar power from anyone other than themselves. No surprise there.

The Solar Choice amendment creates zero mandates, zero subsidies and zero taxes. It does, in fact, create the ability for residents and apartment owners to use solar to lower energy costs, which would absolutely benefit low and middle-income consumers.

Utility companies continue to use the scare tactic of the ability of the Public Service Commission, where the power companies are large and in charge, to create a rate tax. The big power companies also created a sham amendment to confuse you and preserve the solar status quo in Florida.

They are betting Floridians will be fooled by language like “crony capitalism” and “corporate welfare” in slick videos. Utility companies are trying to manipulate consumers with blatant lies, scare tactics, and complete falsehoods.

The good amendment – Floridians for Solar Choice – will help people save money with solar by locking in electricity prices. With solar costs dropping rapidly, the payoff for everyone gets better every day. This is what Kallinger’s organization, the Faith and Freedom Coalition, should support, if members cared about Florida families, not protecting monopoly utilities.

As one of only four states that does not allow solar companies to sell solar power, Florida is missing the opportunity to save consumers money, create jobs for local residents and harness clean energy from the sun in the Sunshine State.

Harnessing abundant and free solar energy would mean that young children today will pay less, not more, to power companies. Naturally, monopoly utilities don’t like that but you should, and the Solar Choice amendment is an important step toward allowing solar to flourish.

Solar Choice will bring much needed competition — the ultimate consumer protection— and the utilities are feeling the heat. Afraid to compete fairly, they lie.

Don’t let big monopoly utilities and the proxy groups they fund fool you. Floridians for Solar Choice is good for all Floridians.

— Al Simpler is CEO of Simpler Solar Systems Inc. He has been installing solar systems for 40 years.

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