Join Us for the Great River Cleanup on Sat. June 26

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OSFR board member Travis Smith of Trav Mav and Trail Trash Outdoors will be leading the cleanup this Saturday.  It is a great time for this as the visibility of the water is good.  Please consider coming out for some fun activity while at the same time helping our river.  Travis has written the plan below.

Our thanks to all involved and to Rum 138 for the huge discounts.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
– A river is like a life: once taken,
it cannot be brought back © Jim Tatum

Its that time of the year again!! The sun is out and so are the litter bugs 😥This year we are going to get ahead of the mess, with another TTO MASS Cleanup! As per popular request, this pre-summer cleanup will take place JUNE 26th, 2021 @ Rum Island spring park 😃

We will be meeting at 9AM at Rum Island rentals (Masks required in store),so that those who need a vessel for the day will have a chance to rent a vessel of their choice before we launch from Rum Island Spring Park at 10AM🤠🤙The whole float is approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. Mav and myself will be cleaning all day, yet all volunteers can stay as little or as much time as they please 😊

We want to get as much trash as possible from both the banks and bottom of the river this go around..(depending on visibility)..If you have a wetsuit/diving gear, you are encouraged to bring it!

Please keep in mind that there is private property along the areas which we will be traveling. Please, be respectful of others and their boundaries in your hunt for litter 😃

>Each volunteer will be responsible for their transportation and vessel. If you do not have a vessel, Rum 138 can rent or sell you Kayaks, canoes, and SUP boards.  Rentals are at a discounted rate of $15 per person for volunteers, which includes vessel, paddles, life vest, whistle and transportation to and from the boat ramps.

If you do have vessels and equipment of your own, you can leave a vehicle at Rum138 rentals and one vehicle at US HWY 47 bridge, but this method would require you to have come with more than one vehicle, unless you happen to catch a shuttle from one of the volunteers.

We will be in nature!! Dangerous and unexpected things can happen, so it is important to be on your toes! keep eyes peeled for snakes and wasps in low hanging trees. let’s not forget Florida’s famous Alligator! 😄 Leave them alone and they will do the same for you 👍

Current Problems will be there to hand out Grabbers, Gloves, buckets, dive bags and trash bags 😃 🗑 along with assisting in the cleanup, sorting and disposal/recycling of everything we pull from the water!! Be sure to check them out and give them a high five for being so awesome when you see them!!

There will be a snack truck available throughout the day from:
Dream- kremes&snacks
Email: dksnacks1@

Suggested Item list:
Be sure to pack accordingly! It will be hot!
Bring plenty of water/ reusable containers
Zip lock bags or dry bags for electronics (something with a clip is suggested)
Spare cash

Last year with the help of Current Problems, Rum 138 rentals, The Santa Fe Canoe outpost and amazing volunteers like yourselves we pulled almost 1000lbs from The Santa Fe River alone! Let’s make a difference and show everyone we are proud to live in such a one of a kind place!! much love ✌💘 😊

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  1. Trav mentioned having another clean-up Aug. 7th. I’ll be up from Pinellas County again to help out. I’ll be cleaning up the Santa Fe whether the group gets together or not, but I’d rather see you wonderful people again. And the Springs don’t have red tide.
    -your friend in kayak,
    Doris Pierro

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