Meeting to Oppose Pipeline in Lake County


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We need your help on Tuesday 2/24 at the County Commission Meeting.

Below is an Excellent column in today’s Orlando Sentinel by Lauren Ritchie…Folks, this is one of the largest, most aggressive, egregious attempts to turn Lake County into another sprawling mess like Orlando. Bob Thielhelm of City of Mt. Dora, Keith Riger of the City Deland, and Ray Sharp, City of Leesburg have proposed a SPRAWLING WATER PIPELINE spidering across Lake County and Central Florida.

Just like in Colorado, California and the Everglades, proposers say there will be no damage. The resulting damage to fishing, and outdoor recreation by dried up rivers and lakes and the extreme sprawl and eroded quality of life can be seen in those and other locations. The Thielhelm, Riger, and Sharp proposal will cause irreverible harm to the environment and the quality of life in Lake County by killing our lakes and rivers to provide an unending supply of water for sprawling development in the Wekiva Protection area, Lake County’s last rural areas, and in the Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern. Thielhelm, Riger, and Sharp propose to significantly raise taxes on all Lake County residents to pay for the pipeline so their cities can sprawl out for a lower cost to themselves. We doubt the citizens of these cities approve of higher taxes for a lower quality of life and we hope that other officials from these cities will step up to the plate to oppose what these individuals are proposing. Read more below in Orlando Sentinel’s commentary today.

You can see the extreme proposal and how the pipeline snakes all over Lake County at

On Tuesday 2/24/09 at the Lake County Board of County Commission (BCC) meeting Commissioner Elaine Renick is proposing a resolution stating that the County opposes this proposal and a water pipeline in Lake County and opposes water withdrawals from our lakes and rivers.

Please attend the 2/24/09 BCC meeting in Tavares at 9am in the round building to support Commissioner Renick’s resolution. If you cannot make the meeting, please send an email to the County Commissioners at the following addresses indicating that you want the County to oppose withdrawal from our lakes and rivers and to oppose any water pipeline across Lake County.

Click Here to Email ALL FIVE of the Lake County Commissioners
Remember to fill in the subject line for your email message.

Jennifer Hill
Elaine Renick
Linda Stewart
Jimmy Conner
Welton Cadwell

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Rob Kelly, President
Citizens Coalition of Lake County

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