Union County Commission Meeting, January 2019


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Attorney David Theriaque addresses the board.

All went smoothly and routinely during the monthly board meeting; in attendance were  two lawyers apparently representing mining interests.  When item 13. on the agenda, “Report from Russell A. Wade III,”was reached, the reason became clear.

Mr. Wade introduced Mr. David A. Theriaque of Theriaque & Spain, Attorneys at Law located in Tallahassee, whose primary expertise is land use and zoning.  Mr. Theriaque spoke to the lawsuit facing Union Co. filed by HPS in which the Bert Harris Act is prominently mentioned.

Apparently the office of Mr. Theriaque is advising the board regarding this lawsuit, and he was present seeking direction from the board as to proceed.  He was directed to continue on with no changes or amendments.  On Mr. Theriaque’s web page we see he has presented several papers on  the Bert Harris Act.

The other issue not related to Mr. Theriaque, but of interest to the two (apparent) Hopping Green & Sams lawyers, was Union County attorney Mr. Wade informing the board that in the case of Public Records in which the judge ruled for HPS, they had the opportunity to settle for $75,000 in attorney fees.  After a bit of discussion, Commissioner Cannon moved to do so.  The vote was four to one, with Commissioner Tallman dissenting.

Two CAPM members attended the meeting as well as your historian.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
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