“Water/Ways” Months Proclaimed by City of High Springs

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Smithsonian Institute Museum on Main Street Water/Ways Program Director Kristina Young, High Springs Mayor Byran Williams (with Proclamation) OSFR Historian Jim Tatum, Museum Representative Diane Karras

July and August were proclaimed “Water/Ways” months in honor of the Smithsonian Museum on Main Street exhibit, by Mayor Byran D. Williams.

HighSpringsproclama2The High Springs City Commission met at City Hall on July 14, 2016 and issued the proclamation during their regular meeting.  Program Director Kristina Young was present to represent the Smithsonian and High Springs Museum.

One of only six Florida cities chosen to host the exhibit, High Springs will celebrate our water/ways  from July 16 through August 27 at the High Springs Historical Museum.

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