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Herschel Vinyard Jr. former DEP secretary

Tom of the Watery Foundation (who will speak to us at “Water Voices” in High Springs on April 27) has some very light satire regarding our former leader at the DEP.  But what he writes is not new.  Remember Tom, back in June of last year, Mr. Vinyard published an article run by the Gainesville Sun extolling the virtues and deeds of his DEP, regarding Florida’s springs and rivers?

He wanted all Floridians to know that our water resources were in good hands and safe.  This was too much for Lucinda Merritt of Ichetuckee Alliance, who felt compelled to correct a few wrong ideas generated by his self-extolling.   See our post of June 29, 2014 “Don’t Be Fooled by Scott and DEP on Water Issues – Editorial by Lucinda Merritt.”

So the extolling continues.   We are not surprised.

On March 15, 2015 at 12:20PM, Tom at Watery Foundation published the following article:

Environmental innovation: When you leave as Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, agency staff writes a 26-page booklet explaining just how awesome you were. You get to introduce the booklet by affirming “tremendous strides over the previous four years in protecting the environment.

There is lots of proof too: Environmental resource permits are issued in half the time of four years ago. (p. 2) Water use permitting was also “streamlined.” (p. 4)  The booklet even notes “Success Beyond the Secretary’s Three Priorities.” (p. 15) In sum,

As this report shows, progress on all three of the Secretary’s priorities is notable. (p. 15)

The years 2011-2014 have been an era of positive change in every facet of the agency’s operations and mission. (p. 19)

Positive changes everywhere. So many, in fact, that there was no room to mention  “climate change” or “global warming.”

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